Greece seeking space to breathe

The METAPHOR You’ve lost your job, your child was given a detention, you’ve had a drink or two. Your partner tries to be supportive but in the heat of the previous events you begin to question your relationship, everything your partner does is wrong, stinks, is unfair – but you have a child together. You […]

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Envision Greece and its future

I’m Greek. I’ve never lived in this country. I was born here though. I grew up away from Greece. Like most of us, Greeks who grow up abroad, we are taught, from a very young age to love our country, our history, our culture – sometimes, very often actually, too much. A myth is created […]

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Promised hope returns as Greece votes Left

In his speech following yesterdays election, Prime Minister-elect Alexis Tsipras sailed between big promises of European unity, national reconstruction and reforms and policies that will help Greece and the EU move towards a more prosperous relationship. But how many of its promises can the leftist party accomplish? Syriza and Alexis Tsipras have promised to work on what they […]

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Merkel, Germany and Greece

Do not listen to them. And do not follow them. Do Not blame Merkel. Quite the opposite. Based on the specifications of the economic and political model adopted by Greece, Merkel’s hard line is the only way out of the crisis. Do you not agree? Alright. What is it  Merkel wants? Each eurozone country should be […]

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European Schools, an example of European education or a failure to unite our history?

I dare you to read and comment, for it is hard to accept the truth. The European Schools are co-educational schools providing nursery, primary and secondary. They are established to provide free education for children of personnel of the European Institutions and leading to the European Baccalaureate. Other children may be admitted subject to the […]

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