Thank You Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95. But Mandela will never die. The ideas, ideals, values and beliefs of this great man remain with us and for the rest of humanity, for as long as we exist, Mandela will exist within us. 20 years ago the world was singing “Free Nelson Mandela” and […]

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Hugh Hefner is a genius.

When researching the man behind the Playboy brand it is admirable to see the way Hugh Hefner had a vision from an early age and grafted until it became a reality. I believe, like his mother, that he knew he was onto something big, hence his determination, and I am grateful for his impact on […]

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How Far We Haven’t Come: All of the Terrible Ways the Media Treated Women in 2013 in One Video

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
When it comes to the portrayal and treatment of women in the media, we’ve come a long way since the Mad Men era. And yet, in 2013, it’s still not unusual to hear messages like “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped, but…” or “Women just aren’t as good at…

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She “hacked” online dating

A TEDtalk about a woman trying to find Mr.Right. What is amazing about this video is the moral of the story. “Don’t settle”. Amy Webb tried online dating and found out it wasn’t that easy to find the right guy. The dates didn’t always go very well. So, she, a fan of data started making […]

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In doubt about Syria

It doesn’t seem as hard, commenting on the “Syrian crisis” from an apartment in sunny Athens, trying to make a judgement for oneself of what is happening now, not only in Syria but on an international level – what is being said about Syria and the actions we are about to see happening regarding the […]

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Is the world bad?

Any person who observes the world is likely to become a cynic. Wars, corruption, poverty, extremism – only a few things that once discussed briefly can make some react in a similar way to this “Oh this world is messed up, what’s the point of doing anything, what’s the point of trying?”. My grandmother believes […]

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Waiting On The World To Change

It has been a week since I arrived back home to Mumbai. Travelling from London to Mumbai via Dubai is always an intriguing journey.  After I arrive in Mumbai, sit in my car and drive away from the airport, there are differences between these two cities that stick out like a sore thumb. No, it’s […]

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