Why should I join?


Writing for Wordscover

Wordscover offers you a chance to write and share your ideas with the world. At Wordscover, your articles will be read by tens of thousands of people around the world.

You at Wordscover

Build yourself something. Write for Wordscover. The satisfaction of sharing your thoughts and opinion with the world is enough but we offer more. Strengthen your CV, meet great people, learn and discover.

We’re one of a kind

The idea behind Wordscover is simple, yet delicate and complicated. We are building a Community based solely on young people and students.

Challenge Yourself

If you love a good challenge and want to prove that to your future employer, be part of our team. Help us figure out how to run this growing community of young people and students.

What you make of it

Our requirements are that you are active, it’s up to you to decide how involved you want to get. You could be an Author and a Graphic Designer, help our PR Team, lead our HR Team or create something new.Your choice.

Want more reasons?

Our Team is growing fast, we can’t be that bad. We believe in diversity.Get yourself involved with a very ambitious team. Discuss with people all around the world that share the same interests with you. Our community consists of highschool students to students of the University of Oxford.

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