About Wordscover

Wordscover 3.0 LetterHeadOur Goal

Our mission is to provide a place that enables young people and students around the world to write and share their opinion about world issues, politics, life, their field of studies or any other subject they might want to choose.


Young people and students around the world are hungry to share their stories, opinions and experiences. Opinions are important, they reflect the different perceptions of our world. We want to encourage everyone to share theirs in a mutually benefiting knowledge-of-perception puzzle.

Wordscover offers the place to share your stories, the social reach and the opportunity to be a member of a community of people like you. In other words we give you the right environment to share your articles with the world.

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You can connect with us on Twitter @Wordscover and you can reach us on Facebook or you could email us through our contact page.