Hugh Hefner is a genius.

When researching the man behind the Playboy brand it is admirable to see the way Hugh Hefner had a vision from an early age and grafted until it became a reality. I believe, like his mother, that he knew he was onto something big, hence his determination, and I am grateful for his impact on […]

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Music is ageing well

“Good old jazz and rock’n’roll. Dancing to the music with your soul.” Music has 3 main elements: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony. Those 3 elements started with the cavemen. Rhythm by some caveman banging a drum, then Melody with another caveman humming along to the banging and last Harmony, the point where a caveman starts humming a […]

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Top Ten Modern Rock Bands!

This is my personal opinion on which 10 bands are currently the best ones out there. This list was tough to make due to the fact that it needs to include bands that are not too old to be considered “modern”, even if they still make music; I had to exclude bands like Red Hot […]

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