Waiting On The World To Change

It has been a week since I arrived back home to Mumbai. Travelling from London to Mumbai via Dubai is always an intriguing journey.  After I arrive in Mumbai, sit in my car and drive away from the airport, there are differences between these two cities that stick out like a sore thumb. No, it’s […]

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Educating The World

What would our education system be like if we taught our children the value of happiness instead of money? What if we let them chase after their dreams of being a dancer, a writer, a sculptor or a photographer? What if we considered these “unconventional” professions equally respectable and important as being a lawyer, a […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Her name was Padma, she was twelve years old; she has three younger siblings and over the short time I spent there, we forged a special bond and I still remember the day I had to leave she gave me a chocolate bar and a bracelet she had bought from the monastery. During one of […]

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Man! I Feel Like A Woman

It has long been rumoured that the end is near. The Mayans predicted apocalypse, the end of world, as we know it by the end of the year 2012. 21 December 2012 to be more precise. There was a big brouhaha surrounding this rumour and as the date approached nearer people took their stands on […]

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That’s Amore: Love As A Perspective

Ah, amore…love…one of the most beautiful and intoxicating feelings ever. Last year, for me, was spent being madly, crazily, head over heels in love with every new place I saw. Barcelona, Rome, Johannesburg, Ladakh and Krakow…talk about a sweet sixteen. At the end of the year, a friend asked me the most difficult question ever, […]

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