Moab – A Taste of Freedom

Moab. Moab? What? Where? Today was one of those days where my mind and my body had very differing agendas and opinions. Needless to say, my body had won. So I stayed in sick. But at least I had the chance to do some (not very) important chores like deleting e-mails and looking at some […]

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Nobel Peace Prize for the EU!

And the winner is: the European Union! After being nominated for a number of years the anti-union powers in the committee seem to have finally agreed to honour the European Union. I think this is an astonishing piece of evidence of the success and the tremendous results of many decades of hard work and effort […]

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We were Born to be Free

Disclaimer: This post may get you thinking. It contains deep thoughts and maybe slightly controversial aspects. The author is not sorry for these random philosophical wanderings. Is the Russian Federation turning into the new North Korea? I am sure many of you have heard or read about many of the unbelievable injustice events taking place […]

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