Music is ageing well

“Good old jazz and rock’n’roll. Dancing to the music with your soul.” Music has 3 main elements: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony. Those 3 elements started with the cavemen. Rhythm by some caveman banging a drum, then Melody with another caveman humming along to the banging and last Harmony, the point where a caveman starts humming a […]

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Elvis Presley – Burning Love

  Written in 1972 by Dennis Linde for Arthur Alexander and later on covered in 1972 by rock ‘n’ roll king, Elvis Presley into a more rock version, rather than it’s original country soul. Burning Love was also the name of the album it was in along with some other great songs. Visit the kings’ […]

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Aerial Secrecy by Emina Helena

I find this composition Aerial Secrecy by Emina Helena, amazing. To me, my ears, my brain it’s a masterpiece. [toggle title=”Some thoughts on the song”]It starts smoothly, in my head there is an image of a woman naked walking away from the camera,  in a big field, flowers start to bloom around her and as […]

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Windows 8 goes on sale

Windows 8 to go on sale in October and to PC makers in August Updated operating system featuring ‘Metro’ interface likely to be available as a download Written by Charles Arthur Found @, Monday 9 July 2012 11.30 EDT Windows 8 will be “released to manufacturing” in the first week of August, and will […]

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Surface vs iPad

“Tablet’s unnecessary yet useful!”  iPads are well known tablets that many people use for different reasons. Surface is Microsoft’s idea of a tablet but you can’t really call it exactly a tablet, looks more like a hybrid of laptop and tablet or another interpretation is instead of having the “PC” under the keyboard, you have it behind […]

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iOS 6

iOS 6 is coming with 200 new features, that’s what was said at WWDC 2012. General information given on the WWDC 2012: Some of the new features that were mentioned are, Siri, FaceTime, e-Mail, Navigation, Phone controls, Safari and Facebook and Twitter complete integration. Siri will now be able to understand what you say better […]

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Technology today

Technology today is a lot more advanced than it was 10 years ago, we think it’s good but it’s not. People want to live forever Technology in the field of medicine has improved and that for people who want to live till they are 100 years old is good but truth is that, that is […]

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