Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me

As a Lebanese growing up watching Lebanon’s history unfold from the outside I can only ask myself this one question; how many times can my people make the same mistake? They complain all day, yet when it’s time to take matters into their own hands and elect the people who will hold their lives in their hands for the next 4 years, they resort to the same warlords and “people” who have run our country into the ground systematically for almost a century.

When will they realise that they have handed over their country to the most corrupt and egotistic humans to walk our land? They would gladly watch the rest of you grovel for a livelihood whilst they profit off of your misery. You complain nothing functions? Throw out (or at least do not support and re-elect) the same people who cause these problems.

“A battleground for people with special interests.”

Since our creation the same families have run our poor country, each worse than the next. Convicted war criminals and power-hungry elites have walked through our Parliament’s doors, only to be replaced by their sons and brothers. Yet, throughout their times as our leaders they have produced nothing more than pain and heartaches for the people of Lebanon. The civil war, which fractured and destroyed our little green gem in a desert of chaos, was single-handedly fuelled by the same people who hold the fate of our country in their hands.

Without a president for over a year the country has been allowed to become a battleground for people with special interests. Not only does the public have to sacrifice its life for their leaders, it also spends an enormous amount of time discussing these very same leaders and often killing each other over them. Why can we not agree on one sane same person to guide our country back into the nation it once was? When the public realises that what they are being offered by their elected representatives is nothing but literal dirt, they will realise what they have gotten themselves into.

I sincerely hope that the Lebanese people will wake up soon and take their country back into their hands. Stop voting for a colour and start voting to make your country (not religion, region or net worth) better. With our last Cedar Revolution failing to unite the people of Lebanon, instead fracturing it on the basis of religion rather than nationality, maybe the next one will wake us up enough, not to repeat the same mistake and let the greedy vultures we call our politicians fool us again.

I am not claiming that no single good person has sat in our parliament at some point, I am just saying they were assassinated before they could do any good for Lebanon and its people. We could list the political parties and the “men” that have guided our country into the abyss of despair but I just hope that now, instead of sharing blame and pointing fingers, we could unite to move forward. For Lebanon.