eReaders for a better world

The rise of eBooks within the industry is phenomenal and we are quickly redefining the book into that of the untouchable and digital kind. As a consequence eReaders are becoming commonplace across the world; in homes, schools, offices, and in new types of libraries. It will make accessibility to eBooks massively increased and improve opportunities for everyone. People underestimate the power of content, and certainly take it for granted. I am hoping that 2014 will highlight the significance of eReaders both locally and globally.

Charities such as Develop Africa and Worldreader have recognised how important eReaders are in building a better life for those in countries such as Africa. Reading is essential for everyone to have a good education and the ability to function in day to day life. Although not all technologies installed into Africa have been successful, the mentioned charities have the potential to be key in ending the severe poverty-stricken parts of the continent by going to the source of the problem – a lack of education. I couldn’t imagine my spare time without a book or online recipe hunt, and am beginning to understand how much of it I take for granted.

eReader devices have more potential than the printed book. They can be used to access a number of titles without the need to wait for shipment. Content builds on knowledge which helps to teach the building of sustainable homes, how to filter water, gives new cooking skills, and allows an understanding of the politics in the reader’s country. Accessing this LEDC’s market, although not profitable, will open the opportunity for more publishing based charities to emerge and produce appropriate content. If enough awareness is raised maybe more government funding will be ploughed through the publishing industry to make such projects financially possible. So it won’t hurt mentioning this on Twitter. Everybody needs an eReader, and I hope everyone gains access to one within 2014. #eReader4everyone.