Christmas Miracle Stops Wars – Brings Peace and Wealth for All

Yesterday’s celebrations have just finished. It’s December, 25th, 2013 and gifts are everywhere. On this very special day, the world is reading, watching and hearing a tremendous number of unbelievable but real information.

Indeed, on this festive day, civil war in Central Africa has stopped all of a sudden. Muslims and Christians have decided to bury the hatchet . From now on they will be living alongside each other peacefully.

It seems like Santa has decided to prove his generosity like never before.

And other breaking news coming from Syria: Dictator Bachar El-Assad has returned the power to his people. He announced that he will be no more the head chief of Syria. A Government of technocrats and society actors will be taking the lead until a democratic election will be organized. He added that he will give back all that he took from Syrians and spend the rest of his life in Jail. His family will do the same. He finished his announcement crying and left the press conference handcuffed.

People couldn’t believe what they were hearing. It seems like Santa Claus has decided to prove his generosity on this day like never before. Some called it the work of God, a Christmas miracle. But whatever it is called, no one would have imagined that . And the « Thing » seems to continue its work all day long.

BBC, CNN and all television channels broadcasted live from Wall Street something that has changed the world. Warren Buffet, Bill gates and Larry Ellisson, 3 of the richest men in the world whose added fortune is estimated to 158 billion dollars, decided to share their wealth with every man and woman in this world. After that there will be no more poverty, no more gap between rich and poor. Because from now on the world is divided in two: rich people and richer people.

After these incredible news, most of radical or extremist groups have announced that there is no more reason to fight since everyone is now rich and can change his life. Even Muslims, Christians and Jews have decided to stop fighting claiming that through these miracles we have seen a message by God; that everyone has to stop fighting and start living peacefully with all the other humans .

What an amazing day! In 24 hours all problems have been solved . Humans finally agreed on most subjects and more importantly accepted each others opinions. No more racial discrimination. All the extremists have agreed that a black man is not an under-man!  It’s a MIRACLE, even if no one agrees on its origin (We have to keep at least one disagreement, after all we are only human.)

Everything is finally okay!

Every end of the year with our celebrations in these festive times we all seem to think that all the problems are going to vanish like a miracle. That is obviously not true. So please, instead of promising ourselves that we will stop smoking – lets promise ourselves that we will do more for each other and that we will fight each issue, each one of us with his own abilities, to make our world better. Maybe I’m dreamy but I’m also optimistic and I strongly believe in Mankind.