Ignorance in the Media Deriving directly from the ignorance within us.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you ever wondered how the media chooses what to write about and what to cover? To answer that we have to go back and define what the media means to the world today, which is nothing. The media has become, in the mind of the people, a constant blubber at the back of their head, it is a money-making business there to serve the interest of those more powerful and influence public opinion in their favour.

So we’ve defined that the media is evil. What are we? Let’s face it, nobody wants to open BBC and read about poverty, wars and destruction every day. We say that we have the right to the pursuit of happiness. We’re human, we want our lives to be good, full of happiness, we want better than what we have, we want to improve, we want to create our own families, accumulate wealth, spend, earn, spend… We do charity once or twice a year, we think that we sincerely care about the problems of the world. At different times around the year we feel more human, especially during the Christmas period, we feel like touching those affected by poverty and wars.

But these wars, poverty – these issues don’t arise every festive season – they are there, every day some people fight and work to help the millions of, no billions of people who live below the poverty line – a poverty line that only sounds like something to us, to them it’s their reality.

But we couldn’t possibly want to hear about it every day, we have our own problems, yes our first world problems, our family problems, our relationships. We have problems, we do. All problems are important, and the closer a problem to us, the more important it becomes.

Is it our fault that some of us made the better choice to be born white, in a middle-class family in Europe? Of course, we never chose, so that argument is invalid. So we never chose, we didn’t choose to be born into our families, and while we may be descendants of our parents, nothing in this world is guaranteed for us.

We live in a world without guarantees, in a world of unfairness – but it is up to us to define what we want to be. If we wanted to care more about the world, the media would have to react more to the real issues, the global issues, nobody would care about BBC’s article “Are christmas trees getting worse?”. What if people started travelling to help, in mass, what if we were free to find new ways to help – but I’m jumping ahead, you see, first we have to be interested.

the media can define public opinion but the media can also be defined by public opinion We can’t blame the media for what is in the media, we need to change our interests, we have to start showing we don’t care for Made in Chelsea or Boris Johnson’s IQ. If we want to learn more about North Korea, Poverty in Africa and India, homelessness in our streets, we need to begin caring about these things so sincerely that we start acting.

We are the drivers of change, the media can define public opinion but the media can also be defined by public opinion, we’ve seen it happen, it can happen again on a greater scale.

We are the ignorant ones, we choose to focus on our lives because we are human, but if we want to better ourselves and build a greater future than any previous version of the future we need to define what we want, and our media needs to portray an actual image of the world, a cruel image of smiles within death, of hate between one kind – then we can change. But don’t blame the media, the fault lies within us. Who know’s what we could achieve if we saw the world for what it is.