In what kind of world do we want to live in?

There is the question of I, the question of we, the burning questions of “we as a people” and the most important of all, “we as a human race”.

For the latter, we have big corporations, governing bodies, International non-governmental and multinational organisations that try to cooperate – but is it done well? As much as progress as we may see, it is slow, insufficient and doesn’t follow the progress and development of, say, technology.

We get a new iPhone every year, but not a new treaty safeguarding or “reinventing” human rights. Also troubling, more people care about their handheld device than human rights.

The “leaders” that no longer lead.

So we have leaders, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governors, who are unable to cooperate between them.

At the G20 happening right now, we should have been able to get answers, the Great 20, the first men and women of 20 of the most powerful states on Earth should be able to meet, discuss and take action. They should be able to agree, they, theoretically and ideally, should be able to understand each other, make compromises, help each other, be honest, move our race forward.

Our leaders should be able to lead, they are global leaders not Mayors of Town-Villages. Big-scale Politicians like them should be pushing the world forward, they should have agendas that work like a puzzle not aggressive agendas moving against one another.

Barbarians of the contemporary era

Do we want to live in a world where aggression is confronted with aggression? Go home Obama, go home. I’ve long supported your politics and decisions, supporting you through your first campaign, seeing you become a hero in my eyes with several of your pushes for education, health care and LGBT rights but now you are disappointing me and the world around me. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria? Americans, without the people’s realisation, are becoming the barbarians of our times.

Do we want to accept a global power ignoring the UN, its Security Council and other great powers? Are we going to allow World War III to begin in our lifetimes?

 Image by James D. Schwartz


One thought on “In what kind of world do we want to live in?

  1. You will be always disappointed when you put your expectations in a politician especially the one who arranged gay picnics at the White House at the expenses of the American people…the Bible says that when good becomes bad and bad good then the God’s judgment is over us…

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