Is the world bad?

Any person who observes the world is likely to become a cynic.

Wars, corruption, poverty, extremism – only a few things that once discussed briefly can make some react in a similar way to this “Oh this world is messed up, what’s the point of doing anything, what’s the point of trying?”.

My grandmother believes that in order to go “far” in life you must learn letters, and by that she means you must educate oneself – something she, at the age of 79, claims to have been prevented from.

Times change, yet as much as we evolve and as much as technology brings some of us forward there are still humans in our planet who live not only with the ideas from the old times (See Dubai and their culture and traditions) but also with the society structures and technology of people hundreds of years ago (See selected countries in Africa and other poor areas of the world).

Some, often very popular, news channels announce the news of the day in such dramatic ways, with music that enhances the drama, that could make a person like my grandmother shout as she panics “These fast trains that kill people, do you see them on TV? they go out of their rails, and the gays? Did you see the gays in Russia? Did you see what happened to them? And in Brazil, did you see the country, the whole country is on fire!”.

When it comes to that, I am in the position to comfort her, and I explain to her that it isn’t new technology that causes trains to fail but old, uncared for rails or summer heat, I explained to her the political scene in Russia, as much as I knew, and that Brazil couldn’t possibly burn overnight. “Oh Grandma, if only you knew the size of Brazil, it’s huge!”.

But then you read of wars, you read of things that happen in the countries that we live in, you think of crime levels in your own city – and you start to wonder to the point where you are sure, “Some people are evil, some people are born bad, it must be it!”. You continue wondering how is it possible for you to enjoy certain comforts when others can’t, you start to question your own goodness. Are you good?

There are countless arguments on our society, on the world. Is someone who appears to be good bad if he doesn’t recycle? Is a criminal charged with murder good if he cares about the environment? What are our priorities as a human population in order to categorize each other as good or bad? We don’t have common goals unfortunately, as we as a “we” belong to “us” and “they” and “the others”.

For all we know there is, one way or another, good and bad in our world, in our lives, in our communities, in our society, we can therefore choose to accept it or we can try to improve our surroundings as we see fit, for the better – what’s in it for you? Maybe everything, maybe absolutely nothing. What should you do? I couldn’t say, but let’s hope you will find an answer or a goal to pursue.


3 thoughts on “Is the world bad?

  1. bla, bla bla…the world is under the power of the son of perdition…your wisdom is stupidity for the God of Israel, listen to your granny, she is much wiser than you and for sure more important for God than you with all your costly education and diplomas….

  2. I believe that the question of which is good or bad can only be answered when everyone is in an equal state of existence in terms of food,clothing and shelter.
    A corrupt person is corrupt because he had the opportunity to improve upon his wealth considerably and he took it because it meant something to him. A murderer was probably provoked to do such a heinous act and in his mind, killing the other person was a justifiable action. A teacher beats a student with a stick because they feel that is the correct punishment for not completing an assignment. Smaller scale or larger scale, they all started from a provocation.
    Lets say there is a human who does all possible good deeds but gets killed by lightning. Which court would you take the lightning to ? we classify this as an unfortunate incident.

    In reality there is no good or bad. There are merely actions and reactions. And these are based on perceptions of each individual. The perceptions depend upon what values they were taught and what they experienced throughout their lives.

  3. Maybe when looking at issues of such scales (countries, regions or the world), the words of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ come as deceptive or non-conclusive in the way they describe things. Perhaps a less straight-forward approach can help us understand better the way things improve or can improve without feeling disappointed by what we see from far away. There are some unmeasurable factors that greatly contribute to situations (I am thinking in particular to the surprise with which the Arab spring came to the Middle East) and would alter our judgements on them if we were aware of them. Of course some situations don’t call for such nuances and are clearly to be corrected (the apartheid(s) for example) but I believe that good and bad are only accurate in their description for smaller scales (a particular corrupt case or a eruption of violence) because less influenced by other factors than tremendously large issues.

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