Philosophical Conclusions of the moment

After Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, I decided to give some of my own definitions and create my own philosophical explanations for some of the most burning questions of all, after all I am a Hellene too.


There is no meaning to life, I don’t know how there could be a “meaning” to life. We all live different lives, we grow up in different ways, we believe different things ergo there is no meaning to life.


This is personal.


Established organisations managing your no-longer-personal relationship with God. That simple.


In life there is no fair and unfair, life is as it is – what we call “unfair” is simply the fairness of life.


We are all 100% different people who are all the same. I mean, we are black, we are white, we are Asian, we’re African, we are tall, we are fat – but we are all just people who grow up to be as different and as similar as possible.


There is no equation or function that gives you “our world” as a result. That was the Big Bang and I hate to tell you neither I or scientists at CERN have been able to reproduce this “function”. Joking aside, the world continues to grow and evolve and just like your family tree, it expands and distances itself from its predecessors. As much globalisation and communication we have, the world can not become one in one day, the world can not start to function unless we make it function. As long as we are cowards, as long as there are different countries and we treat people (each other!) differently based on that – the world can not function.


This is not a conspiracy, at least the idea of one world should not be seen as one. We need to become one human population occupying Earth in order to solve our differences (our stupid, stupid, stupid differences), we have to claim responsibility for what we have done and continue to do to our planet. Our resources are not unlimited, our existence depends on coexistence!


There are two histories, the one we create and the one that remains. However, in the long-term, it is by creating history today that we can possibly alter the history that remains. Let me explain. If you go through Egypt’s timeline, you will notice major events at 7.000 BC, 2500 BC….up to the Arab Spring – and then all of a sudden day by day events. Events like the latter will fade away in the “history that remains”. History, real history, is a jewel, part of our culture – short-term history is the one that stops us from realising the progress we all want – the same kind of history that separates countries today, half a century after WWII, the same short-term history that sustains the differences between the USA and Russia (recently, USSR).


The most exciting aspect of human life as a young person and the scariest and most uncertain aspect of your life as a young adult – then, “life goes on”, until you die.


There are no conclusions, only opinions.

As a final thought… Maybe you should read Aristotle’s theories instead. The point of this list is not to inform, to criticize or to present new ideas – it is to argue. Hopefully, I have managed to make some people think, some people angry, some people mad.

Leave a comment and give us your thoughts on some of these issues.


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