At some point you Stop Caring, that’s the Problem

A few headlines

Turkish police storm protest square, Damascus hit by twin bombings, Graves with no names, NSA is spying on you, Boston hit by terrorist attacks – only of a few of the headlines I can think of, in 20 seconds.

So I realize, It isn’t that the world became bad after I finished high school, nor that all the pain and agony seen in novels while at school is becoming a reality. It’s just that I started reading the newspaper.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Whether you read the paper, watch the news, read them online – there is a point in your life where you think: enough. It’s not that you accept what happens in the world, it’s that you do nothing to change it.

You’re only human what can you do. You could get out of your box and share the beliefs you have to make our society better. Yet those wonderful beliefs you have are not common, are not accepted by all and can contradict these of others.

So whose beliefs and values are right? Who should we all follow, to create a society that has one set of rules that all accept rather than a society of contradicting opinion?

Does this even make any sense? A society where we all follow the same rules? Hardly free, but better? So are we to be educated to think for ourselves or to be trained to live in harmony with others?

Giving up

So we ask questions, about our society, about ourselves, the way we live, our religion or faith, our values, and our existence.

If you don’t – why not? If you do, isn’t it starting to tire you? To Deter you? Shouldn’t it be simpler than that? Is it? So maybe after a few years of trying you will say “Enough, I don’t care anymore”. That’s problematic, we now have some people who never cared, some people who care, and the worse – some people who gave up.

Image: Wikimedia Commons, VikiPicture


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