Our relationship with Technology

We live in a different world every day, even if we ignore the actuality of a planet that circles our sun and lies inside a galaxy, our lives change daily as the world is moving towards tomorrow. But do we meet the change? Do we evolve as it happens?

World renowned physicist and futurologist Michio Kaku has captivated our minds with his talks about our lives in the future, types of civilizations, the technology we will be using by 2050 and more cool stories that excite the nerd inside us.

When earlier this afternoon my colleague Paulo told me he was going to show me a TED talk, I knew I was going to see something good, but the video exceeded my expectations. He introduced me to the inventions of Pranav Mistry, an Indian student at MIT who has developed some “crazy” inventions. I felt old. I thought this technology that Dr. Kaku had mentioned and that I so much wanted to acquire was now dangerously close – and whats worse is that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to keep up with it. If SixthSense, Mistry’s invention, is already here, what’s next?

After watching a study-video from Cambridge University’s Design Centre showing elderly people’s interaction with new technology this morning, I wondered, will I be able to keep up, understand and use technology when I grow older?

The question then is not whether technology evolves, but whether I am ready to continue adapting through-out my life with new technologies that are coming out. And our generation is the first-ever to deal with this evolution in that kind of level. With communications and data exchange today technology evolves faster than most people can understand it.

Without saying that people who don’t study IT or Computer Science are not playing smart – the world needs everyone, from fishermen to actors, physicists and teachers – but I sure see a trend of people who have a knowledge of IT and CS enjoying higher salaries and a better psychology as people might get frustrated with not being able to understand.

We already don’t understand so much in this world, imagine not understanding our own creations – so when Gates and Zuckerberg said we should introduce coding to schools, they were right, I think.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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