Keep trying, that’s all you can do

I haven’t sat down to write an article, like I used to, in a very long time. I used to open up the Editor and write – and the words would come – and they would come from the heart, the mind; my most secretive, my most intimate, my most real thoughts. Things I actually cared about. But then came reality, the realisation that the more you share your own opinion about anything you care about, you become more vulnerable, now and in the future. The more people know about what you like, what you think, how you react to certain things – the more vulnerable you are. Well, at least that’s how it is seen today, I guess.

Yes, I guess – I don’t know. To become a better writer you have to cite sources, give credit, reference… Yet some things are a simple guess, a simple feeling, a hunch. Maybe I read a book when I was 7, I saw a movie when I was 12, I had a terrible experience when I was 14 and that’s how I came up with this guess – but maybe I am not able to link these pieces together, so I still have that feeling – do I not share it? Not good enough?

And then there is the example my father once told me, he says, it is a common saying between the people in his world, economists, bankers, financiers – that if a local lawyer were good enough at both his job as a lawyer and as a secretary he shouldn’t take upon both tasks as he would earn more money as a lawyer and could afford a secretary. But dad, the example only says that this would benefit the lawyer financially. Maybe the lawyer didn’t enjoy being a lawyer as much, who knows?

So maybe I’m the lawyer at Wordscover, maybe my “job” is to develop Wordscover, to find new people interested in writing, to manage what other people submit to Wordscover – but should I, will I, stop writing? That’s a no, no, no. I created Wordscover to primarily encourage myself to write and express my thoughts, and when more people started to join, it was wonderful, because it pushed me to appreciate it more – so now what? Well again, I don’t know.

I know what I am planning, I know what we are working on, I know what we want to bring forth for our authors and contributors, we know what we want to give to our audience – but will we succeed? Only a fool would answer yes, but we will definitely give it a try.

Sometimes there is no right way to do something, and just because there are rules and guidelines doesn’t mean you should always follow them – you will never do something original if you keep on following the road that all others follow, you might – but then really, you would have done something different.

But before we become pessimists and realists and before we lose faith in what’s good and adopt the “can’t do” attitude; look at our history, our collective history as a world. Look at how far we’ve come and think of how far you can bring us. So listen to your music, watch your favourite movie, feel bad for yourself if you have to – then move on and try again. Try and try and try and try because in the end, that’s all you can do.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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