This is Oxford Brookes University!

I have been a student of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University for 2 years now and finally, now that the semester is almost over and the workload has dropped, I can look back and say, “This is a great place to be and I am happy here”.

I don’t want to bore you with the typical complaints of an architecture student this time,  I want to tell you why I finally appreciate how great it is to be a student at Oxford Brookes.

These past two years I have been a member of the Student Redevelopment Group, I made friends, together we exchanged our views as students with Jen and Richard who work for the university and lead the group, we got to meet with people from different departments, gave them our feedback and our suggestions. And now we get to see many of the things we suggested being implemented, like more fresh content on the website, a better website, longer opening hours for the library – I won’t list everything but I will mention that as students we even got to pick the furniture we enjoy the most and want to see in the new John Henry Brookes building opening this September.

There are many great places to be as student, and I can happily say, Oxford Brookes is one of them. The University was only granted University status in 1992 and it has a long way to go, and that is a challenge. So for all of you who like challenges, who enjoy being in a place where you can take action, at a university where your will, will become action – where you can do things and help the student community grow, help develop a university that encourages students to make it better, that doesn’t treat you like a pay check – well all of you are invited to come and join me and more than 18,000 students in Oxford to study, to meet friends, to think of the future, live in the present and truly excel.

And if you love it, you might also decide to become a Student Ambassador like my friend Tobi and I and go on tour with our UCAS representatives or welcome prospective students and even Vice-Chancellors from other universities in the UK and from almost all over the world.

There are plenty of things to do at Oxford Brookes, you just have to take your pick. You will never get bored in Oxford, unless you want to. There is a reason that among other awards, Oxford Brookes University has been named best modern university in England by the Sunday Times University Guide eleven years in a row. We are committed to improving this university, and I can proudly say we, because we are the students and WE can shape the future of the University – and this is what makes it great. In 2003 the University became the first university in the world to be awarded Fairtrade status.

 It’s true, if you want to listen, everyone is a teacher. I’d like to add to this and say, if you want to play, Oxford Brookes can be a playground – if you want to do great things, Oxford Brookes can be your podium. See you at the next Open Dayat the next open lecture or during Fresher’s Week.

This article has not been sponsored by Oxford Brookes University.


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