Can we change the world?

Defining tomorrow

Lets break the rules, let’s create some new, better ones. I am not talking about breaking the law but about breaking the rules, the norms, changing the law, changing the way we live, changing societies, rebalancing values, destroying stereotypes, helping communities, helping each other, helping humanity, helping us become better, satisfying our requirements that makes us one kind.

There’s only 7 billion of us, we can all accept each other.

Soon we will be controlled by technology – and I don’t mean cyborgs and crazy robots stories. But I do mean, controlled. Because as technology develops we use it more and more without understanding it, the way it works – soon we will not even know how to put the cable in, how to cook, how our computer works and yet we will be using it more than ever. Soon we will be losing all that is human about us.

But we could be changing all that – and we can. If people like you and me put our priorities in order and if we stop telling ourselves we can not change this world for better. 200 years from now the people who live right now will not be alive. A complete change of people, and you really think we can’t change the world? The world changes anyway, with or without us – but we can make it change for the better. We can make the young people of tomorrow, who will be the youth of tomorrow, the working class of tomorrow, the seniors of the-day-after-tomorrow experience a completely different world, where we’ve gotten ridden of what we consider bad, we’ve improved what’s good and we strive to move forward.

It’s time to take some important decisions, and it all starts with one decision: “Am I going to try?”.
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