Fuck you and Everything you Believe in

Catchy title or exactly what the people who planted those bombs in Boston yesterday morning were telling us? Who is us? Every single person like you and me who grows up in the system, – family, home, school, possibly higher education – a path that is given to us, the same path we will be giving to our children. The conventional way of living, doing the things we have to do, taking our vacations, working to enjoy life during summer and christmas. Who is us? The sensitive people who condemn violence and try to understand what could possibly make someone kill innocent people. Whatever this someone is trying to tell us, he is angry, he can be crazy, mentally ill, a terrorist organization – whatever and whoever that someone is, he is angry. Angry with our society, angry with our people, angry with the way we live. And he wants to hurt us by creating panic in moments when we are celebrating peace, when we think we are happy, when people are gathered to celebrate – what’s better than to do that on Patriot’s Day in a boldly american city like Boston?

An 8-year-old died while he was cheering for his father on the finish line (even while I write this the thought of it overwhelms me). I told a family member about the incident, I told them it made me sad – they replied with “It’s sad, but it happens every day in Iraq”. And yes, we can’t ignore what happens in Iraq, in Syria, in Palestine and other parts of the world but, this is not Iraq or Palestine, this is Boston. This is in one of the safest, brightest and most academic cities in the United States.  Imagine that – Imagine living in a beautiful city like Boston, thinking you’re safe, thinking your life couldn’t be more perfect, thinking you have a beautiful 8-year-old son, a cute 6-year-old daughter, a husband who is keeping young by proudly running the Boston Marathon and then in one second, you’ve lost half your life.

You never expected it, this is not Iraq, this is not Palestine, you were not prepared, it hadn’t even crossed your mind. Who told the father? Who can tell the father? We condemn violence all around the world, and a life in the US is equal to a life in Palestine – but you don’t expect it. You are not in Syria, even if you were you moved away, you moved to the land of opportunity.. And even there you can not be safe? Can we ever be safe? “Fuck you and everything you fucking believe in” – That’s all that comes to mind when anybody wants to hurt our (limited yet existential) serenity.

We can condemn violence, the Americans can enforce gun control, they can change their country but as long as in our planet there will be “We”, “Us” and “They” as long as we have no world peace and there is conflict of interest, as long as there is war, as long as there are people in the world that are oppressed and people who do not understand “our” system and “our” way of living there will be more “protests” like these. Because whoever “they” are who did this think (with or without a reason) that that’s the only way to raise their voice. Yet, what happens in the end is that we start to fear “them” more, we are distanced from world peace, we get scared, we become more nationalistic and this vicious circle of fear and war continues. Because we didn’t respect “them”, because we didn’t help “them” – whichever the reason, they are telling you “Fuck you and everything you believe in”.

Image by Ninian Reid


3 thoughts on “Fuck you and Everything you Believe in

  1. This is me just thinking out aloud…but do you think maybe the value of life is higher in the “First World” i.e. places like USA and UK? Or is it just that because there are so many updates daily about the number of lives lost in war-inflicted countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq that we have been, to some extent, desensitised as to what is going on there and thus we are more appalled by what occurred in Boston? Or maybe (and now I’m just hypothesising) it IS a man/woman who is fed up and IS “angry with our society, angry with our people, angry with the way we live” and is trying to alter it in a misguided attempt?

  2. I never understood why these things still happens! Terrorising people will never Help their”cause but simply put oil on the fire! the age of violence and wars are nearly over in a sense where they change something. The only thing that changes things these days is diplomacy and the people. Instead of bombing to get noticed talk or show about your issues or rap that worked for some . The only way the west and north countries will ever listen is by talks, not by threats! well this is my view. To be honest we still don’t k ow who or why it happen let’s wait and find out

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