The World as an Illusion

Do you ever wonder?

What is real? What has real value? What is actually worth giving your life for? What meaning should we give to our lives?

Technically these are four different questions. Advancements in physics and astronomy actually have proposed that we might even be a computer simulation, an illusion. Onassis said that money only has value because women exist, Bryn Christopher asks “What I’m gonna live for; What I’m gonna die for; Who you gonna fight for” but he gives us no answer.

My world is changing. I am growing up in times where the world is changing very fast. I am unable to decide what exactly I want to do; I have the luxury to be able to think about it – but is it really a luxury ? On a daily basis my head is tortured by thoughts about how I should commit my life to making the world better and having a positive impact in the lives of people all around the globe. – Then I think: “Who am I to do that?” I think of all the things I have chosen not to do thinking that what I am doing is more important, for a higher cause. But it feels like I’m not living. And I am sure I am not alone to feel like finding something meaningful to do when we are so small in a giant Universe is a great challenge. That’s when I feel meaningless.

What will you do with your life?

I accept the unfairness and the inequality in the world, but I don’t want to. I believe in a better world, but I don’t see it. I believe in honesty but I often live in a lie.

We live in the lies that are created for us, the lies of a society tormented by the shadows of a world that has not changed but has remained still, growing in numbers, advancing technologically but remaining inhumane. We condemn the mistakes we made in the past but we don’t condemn the mistakes we are making right now. Why do we think reality is real when we are unapologetic about the way we treat reality?

So what will I do for as long as I live? Well I can’t plan it, because I have no way of knowing for how long I will, I can only try. What will you do? Will you accept reality and live with the risk of maybe leading a boring life? Will you confront the status quo with the risk of not being accepted, being called crazy, being a misfit? We are only humans – guests on a planet we call Earth. Yet, if we are all prepare to be fools for our beliefs, and I mean being ready and willing to give to humanity, then if you think of how much has been achieved in the years we have been around – think of what will become of humanity in the next 100, 1000, million years.

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2 thoughts on “The World as an Illusion

  1. As inspiring as your meagre aspirations are I do believe it is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee! I thought this was going to be a well informed educational, enlightening post however I am shocked to have come across this preteen diary entry.
    p.s ever heard about structure?

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