On Life and Icebergs

Our goals and dreams are like the tips of an iceberg. We can only dream and target and hope and wish towards something we can see, or something we can imagine. But we can’t possibly see all of it. The iceberg has its secrets, deep under where the water meets the air, in a close line between the known and the unknown, side by side with imagination and reality lie our dreams and our goals. For dreams are only just an extension of our reality as we try to reach for them; as singers like to say “shoot for the stars”.

10 years ago it seemed like the clock was in a slow-motion mode. Today it feels like the clock is running faster than ever. I work more, I eat more quickly, I jump from activity to activity, from resolving one problem to dealing with the next one, from thinking what I could have done and at times regretting what I did.

I am happy and then I am not, and sometimes I know why – sometimes I don’t. I think I do, but I don’t. In a world where attention retention is becoming harder to achieve, with information floating all around us and the need to learn more to diversify our knowledge instead of enriching and going in-depth in one subject – what are we actually doing?

We’re just brushing over things, enjoying a bit of that, learning a bit of this, seeing a bit of that other thing. How many of us dive under the iceberg to reach for what’s there? Is knowledge something that we can now hold on to? Do we still have values and morals? Or do we pretend to?

This is really just a post of thoughts, it’s not an article – it’s a question. I know that, but what is the question? Something I am also trying to find.

Do we live our lives to the fullest? Or do we just walk on top of an iceberg?



Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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