Harvard doesn’t make billionaires, it inspires people to become successful

An article that showcases which Universities produce the most billionaires which in my opinion is quite misleading was recently published on CNBC/Yahoo! Finance with the following headline: Billionaire U: Why Harvard Mints Mega-Rich Alums

The research conducted shows Harvard producing far more billionaires than any other university in the world. The university has “produced” 52 of the worlds millionaires while the runner-up University (Penn) has produced 28.

The article sparked a lot of comments, below are some that I found interesting.

  1. Connections – connections – connections.
  2. Harvard’s success, said Friedman, “validates what we all whisper and now we know: It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.”  Cronyism lives. So why even bother with the education? Just have a country club where you meet the rich and powerful.
  3. If you can afford to go to Harvard, you’ve already GOT money.

Connections are important, it’s basic networking. But in Harvard’s case its friendships, just like in any other University you create friends, who immediatly become your social circle, embedded in a network of people who are connected to you. In other other words connection – connections – connections. Yes. Is it a bad thing? No.

Knowing the right people is also very important, but the right people doesn’t mean rich people – let’s not take that attitude – but people who are ambitious or people who will work with you or simply someone you have a good chemistry with. But there is something very special about Harvard, in the way that its student community works so well and it is so well organised that it pushes you to socialize, it helps you with creating relationships and friendships – worldwide friendships.

Harvard is a place to get inspired, and you don’t need “the money” to go to Harvard, they give grants and bursaries. In an environment like Harvard, in a greater Cambridge and Boston area it’s very hard not to find a passion and not to think about becoming the best possible person you can become.

Dad, if you ever read this, thank you for being the reason that inspired me to attend and maybe one day, I’ll attend again. For a full degree.


2 thoughts on “Harvard doesn’t make billionaires, it inspires people to become successful

  1. A degree at Harvard comes with responsibility, work and focus. It would be an honour to support your education there.

  2. Awesome article! But do you think it’s less that Harvard inspires people to be successful and more to do with the fact that Harvard is only likely to have students who are naturally motivated, ambitious and inspired?

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