Define success at University

Define success for me at University – please. Is it going out every single night and being the most popular person “in the club”? Is it being a master in the art of seducing another person? Is it being the guy that everyone asks for help or maybe, just maybe, to think out of the box – is it maybe being a good student?

Ironically put – yes.

But as an architecture student who spends a lot of time between other architecture students I feel like I don’t party as much – or at all – compared to students studying other courses. In the end of the day I often feel like I am missing out at all the “student life”. Then I think about it again, student life isn’t defined by partying; it is defined by what you, the student does. And University success goes along – it is what you make it.

If your idea of going to University is to party and you do party, there you go you’re successful. If you want to study and get inspired, and that is what you do, again – successful. I would question why you’d pay money to study just to party – but that’s just me.

When I was 14 I would see movies and imagine my party-life at University– now I live my life at University. Unrelated to what I thought it would be but probably one of the best choices I will  ever take. As per the partying – maybe NOT seeing a half-naked girl who is struggling to stand up isn’t that bad. Let’s think about it: You see a beautiful girl on campus, you don’t know her; you see her at the club, she’s drunk, she can’t stand up, she’s barely wearing any clothes now – she probably lost her top. You’re attracted to her, but this is just sad. Isn’t it? You feel bad, but you can’t go help – you don’t know her, you’ll be the creep trying to approach a wasted girl. So what’s the moral of the story? Kids – Drink Responsibly and don’t expect to find your one true love in a club. You might, but don’t get your hopes up. Then again what do I know, I am not an expert on that matter.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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