Social Networks, Business as usual

Social Networks are a great idea – especially Facebook revolutionized the way we treated social networks by creating a socializing hub on the web. This is not an analysis on whether Facebook has in fact connected you with your friends or distanced your offline relationship, this is an opinion based on money. Yes, money. Because social networks are a business and business in the end of the day means money.

Nothing is free. Well Facebook and Twitter are free. In fact isn’t it great that Mark Zuckerberg is paying 50$ Million a year to host Facebook for you? We should give him something; really – don’t you feel bad? You shouldn’t. You are already giving Facebook everything and by that I mean all your data!

No, let me get that straight, you’re giving Facebook MORE thank you think you are.

From relationships, to likes and interests to how much time you spend looking at different subjects like “Justin Bieber” and “Looney Tunes” to how long your relationships last, to what kind of guys you’ve dated, from where, their hair-colour, how likely you are to like something, how often you use Facebook.

Well you know all that, and it’s not illegal – you’re using the website with your own consent and you have agreed to its Terms & Conditions. Also I am not tryint to say using Facebook is a bad thing. I am not even saying it is a privacy breach. It’s not. Well.. Not a direct one.

Back in the days the internet was ruled by these people who had long mailing lists. You would “sign up” for a “newsletter” and receive ads that would sort-of fit your interests. In the end of the day, Facebook and Twitter and other major social networks do exactly the same thing on a different scale. They sell user data and help companies, even like your small business, reach advertisers. (We also use Facebook to reach you!)

Again, this is good for your business, it helps you receive more interesting content, because you’re probably going to like it (it’s based on your interests!) and it let’s you have a Facebook account for free! But, it’s business. As usual.

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