When will I find my runway?

One of the cons of being a student is that you’re probably far away from home. You’ve probably always dreamt of leaving home and travelling the world; so have I. wanted to leave home, I wanted to travel, to explore new places meet new people, learn about different cultures in other parts of the world and experience them, not read about them on Wikipedia… “The Urarina are an indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon Basin..”. So when can I visit? NOT NOW.


You see University is demanding, it requires me to work more than 12 hours a day and the little “travelling” I do is between Uni and Family. That means I am very, very often on an airplane. Every time I see a family enter the plane, leave the plane, get on a cab, I wonder if they are going home. Every time I look at the sky I wonder what the real limit is; is there one? I question my life often, but especially when I am in the sky – there is not much you can do up on a plane. You are powerless passenger. I always wonder: If I die now, have I done something to be proud of? Have I ticked any of the boxes? Sadly the answer is always no.


I am always so focused on planning how I WILL make the world better IN THE FUTURE. How I WILL pursue my true passion(s) IN THE FUTURE. I live for the future, I am preparing for the future. But am I really? I am a big believer in education, in learning in order to understand – but then again I ignore a very powerful part of my will that tells me to sing loud, and dance like I’m going crazy and live like there is no tomorrow – and more importantly be proud of that. Sometimes I turn the music loud and dance on top of my table, and a I sing as loud as possible and I am emotionally charged and I re-think my life. I don’t want to be a boring a politician, I don’t want to be a pop-singer, I don’t want to become a mainstream actor, I want to be me. Today. And if people judge me tomorrow on who I am today, too bad.


I want to find my path, as much as I am sure you are looking to find the right path for your life. I want to get on that plane and land in a “place” that finally fits, a place I don’t have to leave again. My place in the world.

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