Aerial Secrecy by Emina Helena

I find this composition Aerial Secrecy by Emina Helena, amazing. To me, my ears, my brain it’s a masterpiece.

[toggle title=”Some thoughts on the song”]It starts smoothly, in my head there is an image of a woman naked walking away from the camera,  in a big field, flowers start to bloom around her and as the tempo rises they start growing and they go around her hands like snakes, not to stop her but to empower her.
She is starting to run, more and more flowers go around her hands, they start covering her all up.
Now she’s just a woman with flower clothes and as she is running, she stops looks back, a stairwell appears in front of her,  the tempo changes and she starts going up the stairs, the sun is rising behind the stairwell as you can no longer see the fields, you don’t actually see the sun but it gets brighter and as she reaches the top she sees the blue sky and the green ground full of grass, she’s alone, the flowers start to fall of her and crawl into the grass, she looks back again and she is smiling.
Not smiling cause she is finally alone but because she is finally free, not from the flowers, not from anything else but everything.
She is still smiling, she lies down and looks up.[/toggle]

This song gives me hope and makes me believe that some day things will be better. It makes me believe that one day we will rise, we will strike and we will be free. It gives me an imaginary hug, like a huge fluffy teddy bear and ensures me everything will in fact be ok.

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