The political implications of the resignation of Benedict XVI

It seems odd and the media have taken different sides and approaches to the resignation of the pope. One thing is for sure, Pope Benedict XVI is actually going to resign – and we’ve all heard stories about scandals related to the church – but that is not the reason for his resignation.

It seems to all be very political, the Catholic Church has been very strong in the past and now the foundations of its Church are trembling. Let’s face it, Islam is growing stronger and it remains an institution – a very strong one. On the other hand, in Europe and in the United States the idea that there might not be a God, that Church was only a political power of the past that controlled the lives of its people is, spreading.

An African Black Pope?

I don’t want to discuss religion or comment on different Churches but looking at the events of the past few years it looks like the Vatican has taken a map of the world and decided they want to expand – and is there a better way to make their presence in Africa stronger than by placing an African as the head of their Church? Seems a bit unorthodox to me. On the other hand it is good to see that the Church is moving away from the past – a black Pope! Who would have thought? For me it is only logical and normal that all people, black or white, gay or straight, Asian or European are equal – but for the elders that run the Catholic Church – that is a big step towards a more open religion that includes everyone – at last, really, not pretend. The idea of two big Religious Institutions growing stronger could bring big divides in the world. Especially in parts of the world where people are less educated and can easily succomb into fanaticism. If this play is acted out well, the Vatican might strengthen the faith of its followers by being more accepting and more open than what Islam seems to be/ or what Islam is advertised to be.

[toggle title=”Disclaimer”]The Author is not expressing his own views on religion and he is in no way taking sides. This is political commentary. The author is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the article. [/toggle]


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