Editorial: How strong is your voice?

I started a blog in 2011. It was created in order for me to cover my issues through words. But I am hungry for knowledge, I want to know more about the world and sharing isn’t learning. I decided I wanted to grow Wordscover.


An idea was born – a website, a network for young people and students to share their ideas with the world. And this is what Wordscover is becoming today. We’re not a social network. We are not an outdated forum where ideas are discussed between registered members. We are not a magazine and we are not a company.

We are not a student organisation – you can’t label Wordscover. It’s something different than anything you’ve ever seen before. Wordscover is what its community will make it. Wordscover is a voice.

Our voice is our most important communication tool – we talk, we share ideas, we ask, we learn, we question.


Unfortunately our voice isn’t always heard. Depending on where we come from, our background, if we have more or less money than others, we might remain unheard – and some might be heard over you. Especially in 2013 when everyone can create a blog, a YouTube channel, a Twitter – what’s the next step? This is where the idea of a collective voice comes in. What if many different people, from different backgrounds, around the world could be represented by Wordscover? Together we can make Wordscover a strong voice that everyone can hear! Well.. That’s already done, Greenpeace for example is exactly that – environmentally. But that’s not what Wordscover is. (Yet Again).


The idea is that different individuals could use Wordscover as their voice. Young people and students around the world can use Wordscover to promote their ideas, their thoughts and their opinion while remaining who they are.

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for Wordscover – being a student myself I have at times sacrificed grades for this website – but I believe in it – I believe there is more to come, I imagine a Wordscover network, a Wordscover Universe… but it could also fail. Everything now depends on everyone that will become a member of our community and everyone that contributes in its expansion.

I want a place to share my thoughts about a better world, my ideas about Europe and the European Union. Whatever you would like to share, whatever thoughts you are having – you are welcome to use Wordscover to express them.

I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Editorial image by Fora do Eixo

Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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