Open Sky Theory (on Education)

Have you ever thought you could’ve done more things in your life if only you knew what you wanted in the first place, or knew where you wanted to be, a bit sooner? This would’ve saved you some time and effort looking for something you didn’t know was there or could have been just affront of your eyes. Well I’m not saying I got the recipe for you to know where you are going or what you will be  in the future.

All I can tell you is this little metaphor that could bring to life this big question, “where am I going and what is it I’m looking for?”
I thought of it while on a date, I have to mention, on dates I’m either funny as I  take dates as entertainment more than anything, or philosophical , this only if the girl passes the first test  (game of scrabble) anyway back to my “Open Sky” theory, cause it is a theory or more less a metaphor of a theory if that makes any sense.

The girl I was with was studying something she didn’t like and was thinking of dropping and taking something that was more what she wanted to do in the future as a career but she didn’t have a specific clue of what she wanted to do, when you think about it, there are many opportunities out there especially in the world we live in. We live in a world that moves a lot and fast and it is a world where margin for error is slim, so all the choices we do in life are consequential to our probable future.
It got me thinking, I have to mention, I am hyper active and have some issues concentrating on one subject at a time, so I generally look at you and listen but I’m also travelling somewhere ells . While reading you will also see that I don’t use a very good English that could be cause I’m not from around here, also I prefer to make people imagine things , letting them use their creative mind rather than telling them things, I noticed that when you makes people think of their own initiative they tend to be efficient rather than telling them what to do or what to think.
Back to my date, while she was talking to me about her issues I was also asking myself if I knew where I was going and if I did the correct decisions? How can I or we know anyways?

You might think the people who do the studies they do is in relation to what they want to pursue as a career, you might even thing that they are lucky, lucky to know.
Well yes they are lucky in some way because at least they are moving forward towards a destination they know whilst, I, you  and the rest of the people who don’t know are still on  the deck watching people embark into trains going somewhere. It’s kind of like that isn’t it; you’re at the station looking through all these destinations showing up and yet after all these choices of destinations you just don’t know where you want to go or where you have to go.
You can go anywhere really, you have the ticket, it’s given to all of us , this ticket is your brain and no matter who we are we all have a brain it’s just not configured the same way thus why we think differently and are different.

The problem I think we face now days is the abundance of choice we have. We have so much to choose from and what makes it difficult the risk associated with it. We have to make a choice that will be with us for a long time and if you make the wrong one you will have to live with it or worse regret it.
I listened to a really interesting talk on Ted talk  be Ken Robinson  “Schools kills creativity”, he is funny and in the same time what he has to say about school killing creativity is so true. The weight of error we can face if we make the wrong decision can kill creativity as we do not want to experiment or try new things. What I would like to add is that creativity isn’t a planned thing its spontaneity. For architects, building something is creativity; I like to think it more of craftsmanship.
Now all this is jolly good stuff but how does it relate to the open sky theory? Well if you take into account that making a choice can be hard because of the risk associated with it , risk being one of the many variables of decision making, I like to believe that this is important for the development of my theory.
I’m curious, Instead of asking yourself what you wanted to “be” in the future, try asking yourself want you wanted to “have” in the future. I discovered that “men” in general have the same goal and I would be open for debate on this one but still I am confident. Ask yourself this, what is the one constant that men have in common? What is the one purpose why men want money and power? I thought of it long and hard and when I thought I got it I thought it can’t be, it’s got to be more than that , we are too complex as a creature to be that simple . But are we really? Anyway that could be another topic and I will tell you what my discovery is next time if you haven’t discovered it yourself.

Again, how does all this relate to the open sky?

Well, imagine we are all little sailors, little captains on our little boat s and before we set off to the open sea we have to accumulate a minimum of experience or we would most likely drawn or lose ourselves out there.
So how does it happen? When we are kids we get a structure, a “home structure” I like to call, it can be anything. At home for instance we get our parents structure implanted into us subconsciously such as how to sit at the table, we also pick up our parents behaviour and sometimes we pick on our parents skills. This is why sometimes we see families with parents being doctors as well as their kids or lawyers etc.  It isn’t always like this, this depending on many variables one of them being the relationship between the children and their parents.
Anyway back to the structure, you now know what I mean by “home structure”, now take your left hand and make an “L” shape facing you. This will be our first structure of my little theory. You can now put your hand down by the way.
So we have the home structure what happens next? Well, you go to school; there you will learn skills and knowledge. I won’t go into details of what are those skills we all went to different schools and colleges.
Now again do an “L” shape with the opposite hand, this will be your academic structure.
Now how the hell does two hand shaped in “L” help us understanding the Open Sky theory?
Well its simple, maybe I could’ve given you the answer straight away but like I said, my mind does travel a bit far and there are many variables to take into account maybe more.
If you can, try this little experiment when you have a clear open sky. I want you to look up and tell yourself what you see.
You should see stars, many starts actually millions of them. Try to imagine in your head that each and every star you see is an opportunity, a job, a career, a goal etc… Yes there are many of them and this is why sometimes we get a bit lost when offered too many opportunities.
Like I said, it is hard to make a choice when you have so much choice to choose from. But there is a solution, this solution was given to us little sailors when we were brought up and that is our two structures.
Before we can go to sea we have to get some experience of how things work as well as having a structure and discipline. Take the rest of your experiences as cargo that you put on your boat, this can be useful one day (skills). I will let you imagine the rest of what you have to fit on this boat and what they can be
But like the sailor we are, we need a destination. This destination is the choice we have to take in this case the sailor would need a star to choose from or to guide him and this star is in the sky with the rest of them. What I can tell you is that like all navigator, we use tools, compass, binoculars name it I’m not a sailor anyways, to help us during our journey.

Take those two hands again and shape them like I said and now try to make a box or rectangle out of them two, (left hand palm facing you and the right hand also shaped as an l facing opposite). Now imagine this box being your life’s structure the one you received from your parents and the one you gained from your early academic life.
Take your box and lift it towards the sky and what you should see is millions of starts and your box and within this box are some stars as well, but definitely less. This structure of life that you have is supposed to narrow down all these possibilities you have into this little box therefore the amount of choice to choose from is less than without it.

Importance of Education
This is what my theory is, the open sky theory is plain and simply “Education” in addition, it is an projection of importance of education.
This whole theory I wanted to bring forward was to simply show the importance of education, show how lost we can be if we haven’t got this structure at start. We can still live don’t get me wrong in addition, taking longer finding what you are and what you want to be isn’t a waste of time, any experience gained is positive experience that will be useful one day remember what I said about our little boats, the more grow old the bigger the boat and the more we can stock of this experience.
I like to think of myself in the category of the open sky effect, basically the ones who didn’t have the best of structures at home. I had a good one at school but to complete this box you need both or all you get is one fragment of the puzzle.
I’m no sailor by the way, I’m just a natural born entertainer who thought all his life he would be an actor who studied acting till he was 18 years old then did photography till 19 then media studies till 21 then a BA in business and marketing till 24 then masters in energy and environmental management till 25 and now finishing a master at 27 in value chain management, trust me on this one I know how it feels to not know exactly.
I would like to add also that you can’t be afraid to make the wrong choices because you only base your decisions on what you perceive to be risky variables which are simply barriers and barriers are simply obstacles. Never has a barrier helped anyone move on, its sole purpose is to stop someone or protect someone from the outside world.

A great hockey player once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. That was Wayne Gretzky.
Good luck to you all , little sailors, if you ever get in the pickle just remember this little trick, look up , and remember what those two structures are , they could save your life if not … well, let’s just say you could use it during a date .

[toggle title=”Submitted by Alexander Hansez de Vivar”]Alex is a student studying towards a Master’s Degree at the University of Kent.[/toggle]


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