Like a phoenix MEGA rises!

“Tango” down

Exactly a year ago, one of the biggest file sharing sites, Megaupload was shut down by the United States Department of Justice and accused the owners of copyright infringement. The company founder, Kim Dotcom, has gone through many difficulties this year because of what I call “the court war” which is when the US government is going after people who stand against them in their goal of internet censorship. Many people have different opinions on this matter, saying that Megaupload was promoting piracy etc… Well, let me ask you this, would you shut down a post office just because illegal letters were sent? Yes, that is actually against the law and yet they are going to court. The US government has power and it is taking advantage of this to frame innocent people like Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz (R.I.P.) and many others.

Mega’s epic comeback!

Kim Dotcom, as he is legally called since 2005, did not give up. He is a fighter and came back exactly one year after the FBI shut down his previous site with yet another site, only this one is way better. Like the motto says, “Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. Safer.”. The site provides to free users 50GB of space and up to 2TB, you seen that right, 2TB cloud storage to paying customers with 30 euros or 40 dollars per month. This alone would be enough to make mega huge. But it doesn’t stop there, it has a unique 2048 bit RSA encryption and only the user has the key that is able to decrypt the information encrypted. In plain English, this means that unless the user sends out a link with his data, nobody can know what the data is, not hackers, not government officials, not even Mega! In other words, maximum security for your private information. This is why the company Dotcom founded is called “The Privacy Company”.


Last night, when Mega was launched, I personally couldn’t access the website for about an hour. Up until this very moment I am unable to register. Give it some time though and hopefully everything will be back to normal. 100.000 registered users in less than an hour! The site is now up for 15 hours, it is said that the number has increased to half a million! The tweets say it all I think… Here is a picture of Kim Dotcom’s tweets about the traffic on his site:
Kim Dotcom's tweets about Mega

Mega is not just a comeback, Internet just scored.

I believe that Mega is so much more than what many people think it is. It hides a lot behind the service that it is providing. It’s something beyond technology. It’s basic human rights, you see, there is this misconception that internet should be censored. The US government is not the only one but it is definitely leading the way. They are going after the wrong people. As for Kim, he may not be as innocent as he looks but even then, they are going after him for all the wrong reasons. This is why I support his actions about Megaupload and Mega and I think it is more than just another service. It is a fight for internet freedom and Mega may not have won the war, but it definitely made a big step towards the win. The following video is a short interview of Kim Dotcom on his new service Mega, Hollywood, internet and copyright enforcement.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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