Stop stoping yourself, put yourself out there

Stop telling yourself you’re not the kind of person to do this, stop stopping yourself from doing something you really want to do, only because you are worried you might fail. Stop telling yourself that your friends might not like it, that people will make fun of you and that it won’t be good enough. You know why? Because some of your friends are going to like it, some people will make fun of you and it probably won’t be great. That only means that some of your friends will like it, that some will enjoy it and that you have room to improve.


You’ve always wanted to do that one thing, ever since you were a teenager it’s been at the back of your mind, at the tip of your tongue, and yet you’ve always stopped yourself from expressing it. You’ve always wanted to go travelling around the world and produced daily vlogs, you’ve always wanted to act, you wanted to fundraise for your local community and have an impact on the lives of other people; yet the public display that would create scared you too much. You were afraid of the bad comments you would receive. So you stayed in your room, watching other people do what you’ve wanted to do on the internet. Sitting again, behind your screen.


Your fears of not succeeding and the criticism that this would bring have stopped you countless times, everyone knows it. When your friends tell you that you should go on and try it, you nod and tell them to stop teasing you. You don’t believe they mean it, you think they’re trying to make you feel better. Have you ever thought they might actually mean it? They are your friends, they want what’s best for you. Just because they are studying law doesn’t mean they are afraid of following their dreams, their dream might be to become a lawyer – did this never cross your mind? They all have different dreams.


Today, you’re not going to repeat yesterday. You will not read the paper – you will imagine what the paper would say if you were in it. If you were doing what you want to do, and you had succeeded – what would they report? What would they say? Just thinking about it makes you feel better right? You are already starting to form a crooked smile in your face. Hold that right there.


Go do exactly what you want to do, the world is a dangerous playground yes, but it still is a playground, and if you don’t play – you lose – by default. No more excuses, it’s time to do what you’ve always wanted. Ask yourself, “who am I living my life for?”

“You have to believe in yourself.
Sun Tzu

//A letter to myself.


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