We are the people in front of a screen

We sit in our room, at the office, at work or at home – but we are actually in front of a screen. All the time.

Whether we read the news, whether we watch the news, whether we are enjoying YouTube videos or listening to music, or worse – stalking celebrities like Bieber and One Direction we’re all just inactive.


We give our power to those we read about and we decide to passively read about them. But today it’s not just us, “regular” people. Everyone seems to be connected to the internet and more importantly social networks. We are all trying to grab as much attention as possible – on our circles, not our Google circles, our actual every day circles.

Whether you’re a musician, a superstar, a married mother with 3 kids or a teenager – you compare with what’s around you – you used to have an option, now you can’t. We must all try to be as sociable as possible or we are either hiding something, scared of people or just, to simply put it, weird.


How much time do we all spend infront of a screen doing what? We don’t really know – none of us does. But we should know, we should control what we do online, because as important or not important as it is, online will NEVER be real life. Life is out there waiting for us while we’re offline on the computer, turning life off.

We like to think we’ve seen the world and none of us has actually gone around the world. Is that normal? Back in the days they had no means of transport, they had horses, carriages, then we had trains and cars and planes – and then Google Earth. Is this the way we want to explore the planet really? Will we continue to feed our need for love by watching Love Actually every Christmas?

When do we switch off and live on?


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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