Materialism, An Illusory Prerequisite

Who’s to blame?

I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of the lies we live in, I’m sick of the people who have all the power. I’m sick of the system created to feed the rich with the flesh of the poor. I’m sick of what reality has become. I’m sick of people accepting it. I’m sick of people obeying whatever they‘re served. I’m sick of a society formed from people living life like the media has shown them to. Yes, I do blame the people. Ordinary people like you and me. Yes, I do include myself in this too. Society is ruled by human greed, which in today’s world has become a synonym to overconsumption. Success is so overrated that the so-called “American dream” is everybody’s goal.

What the hell happened to happiness?

And I ask myself why… This is a quote from Charley Johnson in a TED conference that I tend to go along with: “For the past fifty years you guys have seen advertisements about being successful. You need that diamond ring to show a woman you love her. You need that car to keep up with your neighbor. You need that house, you need that corner office, you need to be a CEO. For fifty years we‘ve promoted success. What the hell happened to happiness?” Really, think about it, what happened? We are actually happy with a new car, or any possession for that matter… How shallow are we? We‘ve got everything, yet we want more.

Success is the ultimate goal…

I have everything my heart says I need. Yet, this world we live in claims I need more, you need more. What are we all fighting for? We‘re fighting for success. We‘re fighting for everything that we see on TV, why are we not fighting for happiness? Why are we not fighting for that thing we knew as a kid that we all wanted? Why have we complicated our life so much that every morning we wake up we have anxiety in our heart? Just the thought of where society has been lead and the path in which it is in, saddens me to say the least.

Is change possible?

Now, you may say I’m a pessimist to my very core. That is true. People who know me will disagree. But I have to clear things up. I believe that change is possible. To the better I mean. And I live with the hope that someday things will change. But for this world to become the perfect world with a perfect society we all dream about… I don’t know, I just don’t think we can achieve something so utopic. For that to happen the system has to change and that is definitely not happening any time soon. We live in a democratic capitalistic society right? Well not quite, what happens in this world has nothing to do with democracy. I’d say authoritarian capitalism. And then I think about it again and even that isn’t true… We live in a society controlled by some, very few people, in other words we‘ve got oligarchy.


One thought on “Materialism, An Illusory Prerequisite

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