10 things to know about being an architecture student

If you choose to study Architecture, or if you have recently chosen to study it here are some things you should probably know.

  1. You are now officially a nerd. You are probably going to be considered one of the most hard-working people at your University.
  2. Your hands will become Italian – in other words, you ‘ll express yourself with hand gestures like never before.
  3. You will, at some point, make your studio your home.
  4. Sleeping around midnight is sleeping early.
  5. Work never ends. Assignments always continue.
  6. You won’t get taught how to do most things – you must learn them yourself.
  7. Everybody will try to convince you Architecture will kill you.
  8. You know this party everyone keeps talking about? You missed it because you were working – again.
  9. Crits, Reviews, Pin-ups call them whatever you want – they are a synonym of not getting any sleep the night(s) before.
  10. You are probably not going to ever become an Architect. Many Architecture students finish their degrees and never practice Architecture.

Oh wait, there is worse – but I am mentioned only 10, light facts. Have fun going through he-Architecture school-ll.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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