Repo(we)r Greece

What Greece needs?

Investments! It is and it will always be the only (legal) way that Greece could use to avoid the total disaster that is coming. But how you can attract investors ?

  • The wrong way : Be cheap (or as economists prefer ” competitive ” )  . Mainly countries from Asia and former Yugoslavia use this technique. I will not go further explaining why this is a bad idea but if you just see the quality of  living of the working population in  those countries, I guess you will figure it out.
  • The right way : Be good on what you produce, have credibility and help innovation and entrepreneurship. Germany, USA and Japan use this technique and as far as I can see they are doing it great.

Having that in mind, I would like to share with you a new team that ,as they say,

” seeks to redefine Greece “.

Repo(we)r Greece. What is it?

from their facebook page:

Repo(we)rGreece is a grassroots – public diplomacy initiative that seeks to redefine Greece and its credibility based not on the failures or interests of the few but on the skills, achievements, and talents of the many.

RepowerGreece revolves around the country’s sectors of strategic
interest: Education, Culture, Innovation, Agribusiness, Tourism, Energy and Shipping.

It is a social grass root campaign that isolates and seeks to draw attention to the individuals and businesses that have espoused innovation, entrepreneurship, and a devoted work ethic. The campaign elevates this constructive mindset by highlighting the broader benefits that can come from it.

The campaign is based predominantly upon the success stories of people who, through consistency and determination, managed to achieve their goals in the face of overwhelmingly hostile contexts. Then, it involves opinion-editorials regarding the country’s current predicament, along with suggestions as to the new ways of thinking that should be espoused. Lastly, the campaign involves “snap-thoughts,” or quick ideas that seek to motivate and inspire.

Through a multi-layered public relations program – 100 SEEDS TO SPARK THE CHANGE – this initiative seeks to “redefine” Greece, rendering it to be a country that adapts and evolves.RepowerGreece aims to maximize awareness of the aspects of this country that will serve as the perfect springboard for progress. In this way, the initiative will fundamentally alter the assumptions and understandings upon which our society is perceived to function, so that Greece can reposition itself on the international chessboard.

Initiated by technocrats from both the public and private sector, as well as a variety of academics and diplomats, RepowerGreece operates under the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy – a non-profit organization, and it is supported by a team of esteemed corporations, organizations and institutions.

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The mission

The mission of is to redefine the role and enhance the image of Greece both at home and abroad. By underlining and exploring result-oriented perceptions, this initiative aims to showcase a side of Greece that will confront misperceptions within the international community while motivating the Greek morale. In transforming the perception of Greece, we endeavor to create a platform for both change and growth.

Why it is great ?

Because this team is trying to encourage our nation and  change our public image not by telling how good ancient Greece used to be but by telling successful stories of today.In my point of view we should all support moves like this

For more info check


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