Last Debate Over: Close, but Obama won it.

The United States of America is currently the most influential country in the world; not as rich as Luxembourg, not a big manufacturer like China, not in a great economic situation but the world, the other States on our planet still respect and fear the USA as a great power.

The next President of the United States must maintain and increase the power and image of the US, in order to keep the country going.

The President has experience in being a President – the US has absolutely no time to lose; already this electoral campaign has taken too much effort of the President. He is as aggressive as Romney but he doesn’t show to be as aggressive. It seems like Mitt Romney hasn’t heard of Diplomacy. He is more appreciated by the international community – if the world was voting, he would have already won. Europeans don’t like Mitt Romney, his European campaign failed. I believe in education and so do both the candidates – Obama has proven to believe in it and be willing to invest in it.

Obama looks at his policies long-term and he is definitely more open-minded – it seems to me that Romney wants to make the bucks now.

“Comments and Notices” From the debate:

Mitt Romney tried out his “apology tour” line on Obama; Obama called this “biggest whopper of entire campaign,” and said: “Nothing Governor Romney just said is true.”

Romney sounded like someone remembering their cheating notes; also he mentioned 23 million people being unemployed as a foreign policy issue. Really?

The US imports from China compared to the US exports to China are hugely unequal – both candidates accept that.

They were both trying to refer to different states and through that win votes.

How many times did Romney say “Make America the most attractive place in the world” – Is he referring to Playboy now?

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