Next 100 Hours

What would you do with a 100 million hours.

I recently watched one of Matt Webb’s speeches. It’s called “100 hours” and he talks about where, as  living parts of our society, we should  spend our next 100 hours. You may think that with a 100 hours not much can be done, and you are probably right, but if you start thinking in a bigger scale a 100 hours from a million people gives us a total of 100 million man hours. This is huge!

 We went to the moon and..

According to Matt we, as a society, have done this twice and the results were amazing. We spent our first 100 million hours about 45 years ago and we went to the moon.We spent our next 100 million hours few years ago and this time we did it for a greater cause, we did it for global education! What? You havent figure it out yet? Its called Wikipedia and it makes most of human knowledge accessible to anyone! Matt ends his speech with a question. “Were will you spend your next 100 hours?

Well, Matt I’ve got you  an answer! I don’t know how big it may be some day and I don’t know if we will have a million people team but I think it deserves  my next 100 (or more) hours.

It’s called Wordscover.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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