Fall Trend: Maroons and Bordeaux

It’s a trend!

Let’s talk about a trend that is very popular and visible here in Luxembourg – the colours maroon and bordeaux or any other hues in that colour family, such as oxblood, wine, burgundy, etc. Or #800000 and #6D071A for those of you who speak HTML. All jokes aside, all the major designers featured these colours in many of their collections – a perfect example would be the Gucci F/W12 collection show above.

Collection Screams Goth

These looks are rich in these colours. To me the collection just screams goth. Not something I’m particularly a fan of, however, just because goth fashion isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I do like the more toned down version of the use of these dark and mysterious colours. A way more toned down version. I would personally either go with a bordeaux  nail polish or lipstick, accessories or shoes. Maybe even some wine coloured jeans if I went wild? Who knows. Right now I’m still in my comfort zone with a wine coloured nail polish but I would love to gain enough courage to go all out with a maroon night dress. Just like Leighton Meester in the Vera Wang’s commercial for the Lovestruck perfume. If only I had an occassion where I would even have the excuse to wear something as extravagant as a Vera Wang dress. This isn’t even classified as a dress – this is what I can safely call a gown. Something a woman would wear to ballroom, wedding or a very, very special occasion.

Leighton Meester (Image: Vera Wang)

Another more toned down way to rock a dress in a burgundy colour is just how Jennifer from lookbook.nu did.

Jeniffer (Image: Lookbook.nu)

Some less ‘out there’ pieces would be a pair of skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings or a coat.

Two of my all-time favourite bloggers are also keeping up with the new, hot trend. Chiara Ferragni (on the left) from The Blonde Salad adds a bit of the trendy colour by accessorizing with a watch, whereas Kristina Bazan from Kayture goes a bit more bold with a skirt. I think both look good, but just like I mentioned earlier – I prefer to go more safe and play up my outfits with accessories just like Chiara did.

Some of my personal favourite pieces are the ones I included in the collage I made below. The Herve Leger bodycon dress is stunning, but I think it would look equally as good if it was black but paired with the accessories shown around it. There I go again going back to my safe zone, haha!

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you pay attention to trends or rather go with what you like regardless if it’s ‘in trend’? I would love to hear your responses!



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