A debate with John McCain

McCain visits the Oxford Union

Today I was lucky enough to find myself at the House of the Oxford Union where Senator John McCain gave us a speech and answered some of our questions. The man proved to have a sense of humour, to be dedicated and standing by his beliefs, some of them I find myself agreeing with and certainly saw why he was running for President of the United States of America four years ago.

What he said: The World & His View

He opened by saying that our world is exciting and dangerous. He referred to the Arab Spring, saying it should be referred to as Spring of the World, later explaining that the changes in the middle east are not the only ones to come. The Senator said that “People are willing and seeking to die for their rights”. The way China is ruled, he said, “Do you think a small group of people can control 1.3 billion people?”. He also referred to the situation in Russia.

He asked us to think about how we handle the changes that are taking place with such radical forces being major factors. He then went on to say “We should be on the side of those who believe we are all born equal!” And referred to the rights of women.

He admitted China is an emerging superpower and that there is no doubt there could be a confrontation between the Chinese and the Americans/Allies. The Senator in his own words..”China is not behaving in a mature way – we were not expecting this – They are bullying their neighbors.” He then went on to say that the world needs American leadership, then Ally-Leadership. He believes that we should give weapons to people revolting (for the right cause) and that someone told him that Mark Zuckerberg is a true American hero. The world being more connected, is surely a good thing.

He closed by emphasizing again on the fact the world is changing.

When asked what his advice to Mitt Romney would be he said: I can tell him what not to do.

What I thought: Impressed

I was certainly impressed to see him, shake his hand and talk to him. He is nothing like the person the media has portrayed him to be like in the past. He does have some views I can’t agree on, but he is very reasonable and has views that had me agreeing and moving my head up and down. I certainly understand why he was a candidate for the Presidency.

Thank you

I would, in that point, like to thank the Oxford Union and the PPE Society of Oxford University for inviting him.

A short video of him arriving (and commenting on the Beatles cover of my iPhone)


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