Merkel, Germany and Greece

Do not listen to them. And do not follow them. Do Not blame Merkel. Quite the opposite. Based on the specifications of the economic and political model adopted by Greece, Merkel’s hard line is the only way out of the crisis. Do you not agree? Alright.

What is it  Merkel wants? Each eurozone country should be able to sustain itself based on what it produces. Not with borrowed money and money never to be return to its lenders but by developing its productive base. Greece did that? No. Who is to blame? The European Union says the organized Left. Wrong. The Greek submissive politicians I’d say. They had no guts to negotiate with the Greek interest in mind (with no patriotic guts). They were eased in and marched with borrowed money. Without visible future. Anything you eat, what you drink, what you grab, my ass.

What is the second requirement of Merkel for almost three years? Deflate the overweight, useless and unproductive staff of the narrow and broader public sector. Say goodbye to the “comings and goings” and deals between politicians and voters. Stop the electoral clientele. Done? Kidding.

What is the third requirement of Merkel-The adoption and effective implementation of incremental reforms that apply in all other European countries for centuries. Since the opening of all occupations until the “divorce”  of state and the Orthodox Church. Done? “Extreme silence of the grave” (Greek expression that loosely translates to “No Comment”. Everything remains as it used to be.

What is the fourth requirement of Merkel-To Decisively combat fraud. We are unable? Fine. Send you our own experienced and well-trained German taxhunters. No, we do not want it, says the Greeks. We can do it ourselves. Hairs (Greek way of saying, bullshit) . Proof?The band with the two thousand truants(refers to people who avoided paying taxes) wandered from one to side to the other for two whole years. Maybe its Merkels Fault? Are you crazy? As usual the blame goes to the people that all these years turned the country into a spittoon for Europe.

In simple words, nothing of substance has changed. So now they mow horizontally wallets and lives of hard-working citizens. So fraudsters have set up a party of epic proportions. That is why the country hovers between wear and incorruptibility. Because the dominant retailer system refuses to reform and follow the European path. admit it, our country’s specifications are of a Balkan country with a strong residual of Ottoman sultans.

I swear that Merkel’s brief visit is part of a theatrical performance. Obviously until the eurozone fortifies, it ‘s pretending. Merkel pretends that Greece is a European country and thus has decided to keep us alive by tubes. So the visit is symbolic. Fully frustrated by the stillness of the Greeks. In simple words they issue those that wish our stay in the euro. On the other hand we do are supposedly trying to change and conform. A drama with many acts, many with sore feet and headed creepy “slow death without anesthetic!”.

Written by Danikas Dimitris for BHMA ~ Translated for Wordscover by Christos Floros ~ Original Article in Greek

Comment by the Author/Translator

The article doesn’t represent my own views although I agree with most of it, especially the four paragraph with the four requirements. I disagree with the remark on Merkel winning time to fortify the Euro, Greece is part of Europe and the EU. Even if Greeks aren’t doing what it takes, they must and I am confident they will.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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