Architecture School, If it’s not Hell on Earth you’re Doing it Wrong

Architecture School includes you spending days and nights working for hours for your projects. Once you’re done you present this work to your Tutor. It will never go well! If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

Everything you do is More or Less Wrong

The Tutor will always find a way to let you know everything you do is more or less wrong. Your work, can be good, but needs improvement . “..There must be a place where you can find an opening up of a space..” You will hear things like these that will not make sense, accept them.
What you have to say is always going to be interesting … But.

You will never have what they want

The tutors can alway relate to your work but they want to see more. Always more. If you have something generic they’ll ask for something specific. If you have something specific they ‘ll wan something generic. If you expressed your ideas with a drawing they ll advice you that a video would have worked better.

It’s not about what’s right or wrong

They might love your idea but you will never express it the way they want to hear it.
Architecture school isn’t like studying Law or Math. It’s not about what’s right or wrong. It’s about why this can be right, why you define this as right or wrong.

What makes your idea good is not the content but your content in relation to your presentation (whether its a speech, a video or a portfolio).

Good Luck studying Architecture.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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