Brits considering Europe

Will the UK vote Yes?

The prime minister of the United Kingdom is considering making a speech about Britain’s future relationship with Europe and the European Union before December’s EU leaders summit.

The speech would set out his ideas of how the UK will respond to creating “a democratic federation of nation states”.

A referendum would probably leave the uninformed people of Britain and Northern Ireland out of the EU.

Almost half of Brits want to leave the EU

I have always been pro-EU-as-a-federation but the situation is delicate. The “crisis” is an opportunity to unite but if something were to go wrong, it would go terribly wrong. The people of Europe and more importantly the people of the UK are not well-informed about the benefits of the EU. All people in Europe are proud of their countries and since a European Identity doesn’t yet exist, referendums where everyone is able to vote, although more democratic than having the already elected PM’s to vote, could lead to countries leave the EU. Instead of having countries join a plan for a European Federation we would see countries, like the UK leaving a European Union that has already benefited our continent so much.

In order for a European Union to work as a country, in order to see the United States of Europe we need to educate the people of Europe. Educate, Inform, some will call it propaganda, some will criticize it, but after all, it has to work. Our small European countries are called to compete economically against the Asian giants, China and India and the USA. In my opinion, a United States of Europe can only be beneficial for us, and for the world, since it will allow even fewer restrictions on trade, transport and security.

Read the related articles to get a better view, get informed and check out the poll, the numbers would make any Pro-European sad.

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