Hover the road Jack! You ain’t hitting it no more.

Flying with a motorbike, it’s here!

This is not Luke Skywalker

If your dream, like mine, has been to fly or ride a hover bike like the ones they used at Star Wars, we’ve got great news for you! Aerofex, a company based in California USA has created the first of these bikes!

This bike doesn’t work with some sort of complicated anti-gravity fusion power but with two giant ducted fans, and has (so far) travelled at speeds up to 50km/hour.

According to them it’s not hard to use which already gives us the feeling that soon we’ll have young Skywalkers riding them!

According to the company it took them almost 4 years to complete it, and here is a video preview of it!


I couldn’t be more excited, the video the company provided us may have no sound but it excites me already!

I don’t like memes and I don’t use them but right now I would give up and say “Take my money”


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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