The lie about the European School system

Video 1: the lie

Video 2: The school that made me who I am today.

The school didn’t make me European. I decided to become one after being taught different histories (History seen from different angles). Thanks to the European School me and my classmates became more open, we learned not to discriminate, to accept others and to be able to live with others and appreciate our differences in all contexts.

As I have explained in previous articles, the European School system, in the future, will be the best way to educate young Europeans.

The European Schools and European education will be vital if we want to achieve Viviane Redings, the EU Commissioner for Justice, plans for a European Federation.

This short blog post is dedicated to Rohit who has made travelling, to learn more about our world,  one of my goals for life.

Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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