Surface vs iPad

“Tablet’s unnecessary yet useful!” 

iPads are well known tablets that many people use for different reasons. Surface is Microsoft’s idea of a tablet but you can’t really call it exactly a tablet, looks more like a hybrid of laptop and tablet or another interpretation is instead of having the “PC” under the keyboard, you have it behind the screen.


As everyone has heard of the iPad, obviously there are more apps for it, more people care about making the App Store a little bigger than they care about making Windows Apps. That may be also because it is actually easier to make an iOS app rather than a Windows 8 app.


People are more likely to buy an iPad because more people have it, it’s by far more famous than ANY Microsoft tablet, even though Microsoft was first with the tablet. The iPad has many Apps that can only be used on iPads and therefore people with friends who have iPads wont buy the Surface so they can use the same apps that their friends use, to communicate or play games or just about any other thing you can do on an iPad that is exclusive on Apple.


The new iPad has a Retina Display, meaning extremely high resolution and quality where as the Surface is coming out with 720p resolution display, so the iPad again wins.

To sum up:

I haven’t researched enough the subject to add any more points and there isn’t enough information for many more points but although I think the Surface could by far win with the design it has, the OS and its capabilities, due to the fact that it came out so late, it no longer stands the chance to actually beat Apple. If it had come by the time the iPad wasn’t that famous, it’d kick apple’s ass but now far too many people have iPad’s and as far as I know most of them are satisfied.

I wish my best to Microsoft cause it’s not thought of a fun company apart from the xbox 360 and this could be it’s shot to becoming as good as it used to be.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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