iOS 6

iOS 6 is coming with 200 new features, that’s what was said at WWDC 2012.

General information given on the WWDC 2012:

Some of the new features that were mentioned are, Siri, FaceTime, e-Mail, Navigation, Phone controls, Safari and Facebook and Twitter complete integration.

Siri will now be able to understand what you say better as well as if you say it in some other languages such as french and german. It knows a lot more and this time not only about the US. It will not only be able to remind you what you have to do but also update your status on facebook or post things on your behalf and it will also be able to tweet for you, as long as you tell it what.

FaceTime will now not only be available through wifi but also through cellular data, so you can see someone from wherever you are, as long as you have cellular data accessibility.

The new additions to the e-mail are surprisingly late, you will now be able to e-mail pictures while writing instead of only through photos app. It will also allow you to edit for who you get alerts and whom you dont and what sort of alerts.

Navigation will now be in 3D instead of just a map with a blue line on it, it will look more like a gps instead of a map. It will also be more specific about things you have to do such as, turning.

Phone controls, yes, iPhones still have the possibility of calling people, not many remember that. Well basically now you will be able to block people from calling you, good things for the charming high-school girls. You will also be able to text while the other person is still calling you instead of putting the busy tone or ignoring it, or worse case scenario be forced to answer. Another good yet bad thing, you will now be able to put a reminder to call someone back when you hang up on them or you find out you had a missed call.

Safari will now give you a fullscreen possibility as well as sharing photos on facebook or wherever.

Last but not least Facebook and Twitter will be fully integrated so you wont have to open a different app every time, everything will be given to you like the mum of a birdie gives the food to it.


Even though iOS6 is a great upgrade to iOS5 it is still not as good as some Android phones. Then again, no matter what you have Siri to talk if you’re all alone when with Androids you dont. I think iOS6 is taking us another step closer to absolute and complete laziness.


Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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