Technology today

Technology today is a lot more advanced than it was 10 years ago, we think it’s good but it’s not.

People want to live forever

Technology in the field of medicine has improved and that for people who want to live till they are 100 years old is good but truth is that, that is one of the sub-reasons for the economic crisis. People shouldn’t want to live that long, it’s not in their nature, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Because with that logic I can kill my neighbor but I don’t do it; why not? Is it because I’ll go to jail,? No. I don’t do it because I don’t have a reason as well as not wanting to deal with the guilt after. People die, everything in life ends so does life. Learn to accept it.

Today, we are lazy and we overspend.

Technology in general has taken a major leap forward. Where most people think it’s meant to be that way, every 9 months a new iPhone coming out, every year a new better version of Mackintosh coming out, it isn’t. We are meant to evolve step by step, not 5 at a time. Every one is trying to stay up to date, wasting thousands of euros (dollars, what ever your currency is) causing them to have less in their pocket but instead have an iPhone in there. I am one of those, in the past year I’ve spent over 4000 euros into products that I mostly wanted so I wont be thought of the weird guy who doesn’t have an iPhone or an iPad. People are getting lazier and lazier.

Loss of human contact

The part of the spaceship with fat people on flying chairs from Wall-E is not far from happening, we are evolving in the idea of making an all-in-one product. Who would really enjoy having a phone that can make coffee or that could do everything you would want. I remember myself about 7 years ago, if i wanted to ask a girl to the school disco i would call her home number, talk to her dad and with his permission, ask her. Now all I got to do, not for a school disco, a date or anything, is to text her or send her a pm on Facebook. Human contact is no longer as important as it was. When you want to find out about something you don’t have to call or wait in a line, you look it up on the internet, yes it is easier but it’s also lazier, what’s next? Soon we’ll be able to do everything from home, we wont need to go out. We are paying so much attention on making the inside good that we are losing of what is outside.

My epilogue

I’m pro technology but not the kind of technology that will keep us from having real human contact, I am working on creating an operating system which would not require a keyboard or a mouse. You’ll just need your voice, you’ll tell it what to do and it’ll do it, although that is lazier, as in you won’t need your hands to use it, you’ll still need your brain.

Don’t be lazy, be smart, use todays technology the right way and never hesitate about taking a break from this world that is based on technology.

(related note, that is for the MDCs)

Thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

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