European Schools, an example of European education or a failure to unite our history?

I dare you to read and comment, for it is hard to accept the truth.

The European Schools are co-educational schools providing nursery, primary and secondary. They are established to provide free education for children of personnel of the European Institutions and leading to the European Baccalaureate. Other children may be admitted subject to the availability of places. All full-time teachers are appointed by their national governments, after completing a selection procedure.

“the only ones left to defend our Europe, our European Union are those who receive a European Education”

As a student graduating from the school only a year ago, I have mixed feelings about the system, our education and the way we are brought up in the European schools. It is impossible to compare a European school to any other schooling system in the world. It is far more international than an International school, with children being educated in more than 27 different languages, with different education systems, and with a huge number of students in the major schools.

At the European school, you start off when you are 6 years old(in average), you start by getting education in your mother tongue and every year you are given more lessons(courses/subjects) in your first and second foreign language. Your daily life will be spent with people from countries of the European union. You will learn at a young age to treat people without looking at their nationality. You will have friends from Denmark, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland… it doesn’t matter where they are from as long as you can communicate with them, usually in English, French or German.

The official aim of the schools is supposed to be expressed in the following words of Jean Monnet  in 1953

The aim

Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures, it will be borne in upon them as they mature that they belong together. Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.

Unfortunately the system is not working…or is it?
The European Economic crisis has resulted in a heavy number of students siding with their countries, with what they hear from their OLD parents, from their national news broadcasts etc etc.
It is impossible for a European School Student to understand what he will face when he leaves his school, and more precisely I am referring to leaving the European School of Luxembourg, but that will be covered in a future article called “leaving a European Environment to live in a Eurosceptic one”.

“We can not take peace for granted.”

At the European school, i was taught history. History, one of the most important subjects for anyone to study, for it is history that shows us the errors of the past, and can we then try to avoid them.
I was taught that in 1989, there was no Germany, I studied the European Wars(World Wars), the Cold War and the struggle for power between great nations. We covered poverty, health issues and almost every corner of European history and beyond to the troubles and pain caused by European countries to the rest of the world.
I now know that without the European Union, Europe has only been a continent of war, hate, aggression between countries and miscommunication. And now, the only ones left to defend our Europe, our European Union are those who receive a European Education. If a child attending a European School can not understand how important and beneficial is the EU for all of our countries, how is a person in Greece, Spain or England supposed to appreciate it when they hardly get educated about the importance of the EU and common European history?
Daily, students fail to appreciate the situation. Greeks, try to boost their morality, the others, think that they are doing charity. No one really knows what is going on, but they all have a lot to say about it. No one understands the heavy economics going on in Europe. Greece isn’t getting any money of course…Basically
Greece must pay the EU : 100 EURO
Greece doesn’t have a 100 EURO
EU gives Greece a 100 EURO
Greece gives the EU a 100 EURO
Greece owes the EU another 15 EURO
Basically money is given to Greece, so Greece can give the money back to them (transaction taking place means money is moving this is good for the economy and it means fancy pants countries don’t lose credit, but Greece still owes a % back).It’s like a bank, a bank will never give you money, they LEND you money.
Enough about this though, the whole point is that without realising it, until exposed to a eurosceptic environment, the students of European Schools are getting a European education, they are being taught how to not discriminate on language, nationality, colour or culture, ES students learn how to live with other Europeans, and that, that is hopeful. What must be done now, is give a European education to youth all around Europe, to help them understand how important and beneficial the EU is, to show them the improvement of our nations altogether during the past 20 to 30 years.
We must understand that little from what Europe is today existed 20 years ago, that nothing from old Europe is worth revisiting. We can not take peace for granted. We must study our history, to understand our past, appreciate our current situation and plan our future.
Christos Floros

10 thoughts on “European Schools, an example of European education or a failure to unite our history?

  1. Hi Christos,

    Now that you’re back on Facebook, I can follow your articles again.
    I have written a few days ago an article precisely about the European Schools. Here’s the link :

    Together with the founder of the blog “Au café de l’Europe”, we’re currently looking for other people who would like to contribute to the blog.
    As I know that you are pro-European and as you write some articles on the topic of European integration, would you be interested in sharing your articles also on our blog (we could, of course, put a link to your website on each of your articles). Articles in English are very welcome, as the current contributors mostly write in French.
    Tell me what you think about this idea!

    1. Hi,

      I’ve just read several of the posts on your blog, and I especially like the image that captions ” I wish the english language had more interesting characters ” absolutely love it.
      I’d sure be interested and would like to know more, I will contact you asap.

  2. Ey man! You hve some pretty interesting pieces on here. Studying european studies so am covering most of these issues aswell and you are writing pretty much what the general feeling of the students on this course think..
    Keep up the good work and lookin forward to readin more!
    Good luck!

  3. Very good article. My only suggestion is to make sure their are no grammar and spelling mistakes. These can discredit arguments, even if they are sound. Apart from that continue the good work!

  4. This is very good. Would only like to make comment: Germany gave Greece a total of 48 billion euros, not as a loan. Basically as a ‘present’, to save the euro. This is what Germany wants, what i want too. So i accept this, and although i dont live in Germany and dont pay taxes their, i would be happy to. IF Greek people change some of their attitudes. You have the intelligence and opportunities. You just need a solid government and a population that accepts change (which at the moment seams complicated as some Greek newspapers are blaming the Germans). All the rich Greek people aren’t even your country to strengthen your economy. So I think that if Greece basically tried to literally rebuild its country from 0, giving Greek children the opportunity to later have great jobs within Greece, then this will be sustainable. The other thing that has to happen: EVERYONE IN THE EU HAS TO STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER. Just forgive each other for f***’s sake. We are all in this together so just work this shit out without making some countries fall into deeper debt with high interest rates. The EU is built upon trust. If this trust is misused though, if the money gets into the wrong hands etc. i have no problem with 50% percent interest rate for that loan. Then the country should really pay. But first off, at this moment, chances have to be given.

    1. I am unaware of some of these points, but my article is not about Greece, it is about the European Union as a body of countries, our history and our education system. I don’t support countries, I support the Union as a whole, I support its people, it’s governments but not its countries(As a name, tag). But to answer to your comment, I agree that Greece needs a page one rewrite, but I also understand how hard it is for this to be done, because the people who are currently of age to govern Greece have been educated differently, very differently and are unable to understand the idea of a European Union, when all they receive is hate (or what they think is hate).

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